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Android has become iconic smartphone today, with Android we can do regular activity,communication (phone / message), surf the Internet, play games, active in social networks, and even also earn money by using Android , Well, for those of you who still do not know how to make money with Android apps, see the following article.

It call by Pirate Cash – Pirate cash reward is an application that can be used to earn money. Cash Pirate has several advantages when compared to similar applications rewards. The most advantages of Cash Pirate when compared with other aplication are located at the point of minimum P.O (Payout) or payment. If the balance in your account has reached 2.5 Cash Pirate Dollars then the balance can be taken and transferred directly to your account. (Paypal, etc)

In this article , I will discuss throughly the Pirate Cash excellence and also tricks to make money faster then other. First is using the referral code and code promoting most potent. Of course, the trick is a trick that is legal and not prohibited by Cash Pirate. There is no any costs incurred (100% Free) in a program offered by Cash Pirate, so this application fit to run by everyone, whether student, students, housewives, or even unemployment have who have Android.

Balances or currency unit used in CashPirate is “Coins / Coins”, where 500 coins have a value of $ 0.50 or 1,000 coin has a value of 1 USD.


P.O minimum point slightly: Pirate Cash balances can be taken with a minimum balance of only $ 2.5
Much Recommended application and unique
You can also make money by completing surveys offered.
If you normally watch video and spend internet usage, good you will get paid by viewing the video offered by Cash pirate.
Bigger registration bonus: The bonus is also greater, namely 500 coins or $ 0.50, while other only give bonuses only $ 0.30 or $ 0.25.
There is no deduction of payment: no cuts whatsoever in your balance when requesting payment (P.O)
Multi level referral bonuses: You can earn 10 % of your referrals without reducing the balance of your referrals (up to 2 levels)
This app is measuring only 1.3 MB so that will not make the “tightness” phone memory.


  1. Open Google Play and search for applications CashPirate then Install
  2. After successfully installed in HP Android, and Open the application.
  3. To register enter your EMAIL and make PASSWORD by typing it in the Password field, then press the button Sign In or Register.
  4. Next will come the “Register Account?” enter this code QJWZUB and then press REGISTER to get a bonus of 500 C Register or worth $ 0.50.
    NB: The QJWZUB code is the code of my referrals. The command to enter the referral code will only appear once in the registration, if you do not enter a referral code then you will lose the opportunity to gain your first money worth $ 0.50.
    “To ensure the bonus already signed, see on the menu Earning History”
    Entering this code is optional, you can enter others referral code ( you do not have to wear a referral code), because my purpose was not looking for a referral but simply to share information on business opportunities how to earn easy money and tricks to maximize revenue from Cash Pirate, But if you want to thank / appreciate the information , you can use the QJWZUB referral code during registration. I wish you success and quickly get a lot of money from Cash Pirate 🙂
  5. After registration + get a bonus of 500 coins, it will look to see Pirate Cash Main page, click the MENU to start earning money.
  6. Explanation of basic menu at Pirate Cash:
    – Overview: To view the application offers quick statistics, balance, payments, etc.
    – Earn Coins: There are various kinds of deals survey applications and games that can make money in your CashPirate acount
    – Redeem Coins: To request a payment when your balance has reached the minimum of 2,500 coins.
    – Refferals: Statistics referral.
    – My Account: Settings and account information, balance information, the info withdrawals etc.
    “Earn Coins”
    ‘Cash Payment Proof Pirate’

There are two ways to get money from Cash Pirate. The first way is to download or run applications / games, completing surveys and also watching videos. The second is to promote the referral code and recommend your code to be used by potential users Cash Pirate.
While the easiest tricks to get money from Cash Pirate is promoting Referral Code you have. If the referral code is used by a friend when registering Pirate Cash application, then you will get 10% of the balance of the friends who signed up without reducing the balance of your friends, even your friends will get a bonus of 500 Coins Cash Pirate.
If your friend had had more referrals then you will also get 5 percent more than referer, because this is a multilevel commission.

Imagine how many Android users in the world, if your referral code is used by many Android users, it is not likely you will get instant cash quickly.
To find out Invite code / Referral code is your own view on the Overview menu, scroll down and tap on the “Invite Friends”, code like this: QJWZUB

Cash Pirate is an online business program and can only be done on the Internet, and with the internet you will get a very wide range to promote your referral code. Then how powerful way to promote your referral code? Consider the following tips:

1. Promote Ref code. Cash Pirate to your facebook friends, twitter followers, instagram, path, bbm, online forums such as kaskus, so on. If you have a lot of contacts / followers on the social networking it will be very easy to get referrals.
2. Facebook is the most visited site on the Internet, Facebook users in Indonesia itself is also very much.  Effective promotion on facebook is to join groups active groups with thousands of members in connection with the Android Money, or Business Online, then you pitch. Examples of groups that are related to the theme of Android, Money, and Business:
– Android users Community
– Buying and selling Android
– Gadget Android
– Android gaming community
– Online business community .
– Multilevel Community
– Make money online, and so on.
There are thousands perhaps even millions of groups on Facebook themed Android, Money, or Business. Make sure you Join the group that has many members.
3. If you have the funds, you can do a paid promotion for Facebook Ads, PPC, Advertise Blogs, etc.
Besides promoting your Pirate Cash Referral code to the Internet (Online), of course you can also promote it offline, for example flyers, ads in newspapers, mouth to mouth, mini seminars, etc.

thank you verymuch let’s be success together




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